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Europe Sweater

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Cut&Sew Pants

classic jogger – fresh colours

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Closed loop garments with 12-months warranty

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Cosy for any season

Made in germany!

boiled wool styles

Our melton wool styles

Made in Germany from organic wool

Kids boiled wool Bomber jacket (Organic Wool)
  • Made in Germany

    Knitted, milled and sewn in Germany

  • Lifelong rebuy-policy

    Send back used and worn garments and get a refund.

  • Organic Wool (KbT)

    German standard for organic wool: "controlled organic animal husbandry“

  • Keeps your kids warm even when wet

    Wool is naturally water- and dirtrepellend. And it even keeps you warm when wet!

What others say about us:

"Everybody can be sustainable nowadays?

No! Manitober really does it. From beginning 'til the end."

"Finally children's clothing with purpose AND coolness, that not only look good, but also keep warm!"

"I am so jealous of my kids jackets! I wanna squeeze myself in the biggest kids size!"

"Sustainable. Likable. Stylish with excellent quality. Big Love and the hope that one day, there will be a melton wool jacke in my size :) "

"This pant is impressive, sibirian winter can come now."

3 advantages of our rebuy-policy


Thanks to closed loop concept, fair production and organic materials.

Easily get rid of old clothes

No more boxes full of worn out clothes: simply send them back and receive a reasonable countervalue.

Same as renting - only better!

Decide if you want to keep your things or send them back and get a refund.

Buy. Wear. Send back. Get a refund. Our rebuy-policy and how it works:


All our products are manufactured in a socially and ecologically compatible way. We also want to con tribute to conscious consumption. How? Find out more here:


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