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Unfortunately, the term sustainability is used in an almost inflationary way. The importance of its actual meaning seems lost, at least to some extent. Particularly in connection with clothing, sustainability gets reduced to its aspects of ethical and environmental acceptable production. Can a business call itself sustainable only by using organic cotton to a certain percentage? What about the business model, ways of distribution, design and labeling? Shouldn’t a sustainable business reach for an alternative approach?

We think YES!

That’s why our business model is built on a true sustainable business model. That includes not only the commodity but also the development, design and production division as well as our choices of distribution. Our life long return policy allows for an economic use and allows our consumers to make informed and conscious purchases. But nobody’s perfect! As a young startup, we have to overcome obstacles as we grow. That’s why we leave it up to you to develop an informed opinion on us. Do we take our commitment about a sustainable business serious? In order to get an idea, you will be given the most vital element of true sustainable activity:

Full transparency on our value chain.

It not only gives you the chance to review our business model but gives us measures to revisit and reconsider taken actions as we constantly try to improve our work. But see for yourself on the points below. It lists all topics close to our heart, what actions we have already taken or what we want to achieve in the near future. Please feel free to give us feedback at any time! That’s the only way we can improve ourselves and our business.

Concept and design

While designing new clothing items, we ask ourselves the following questions:

Does anything similar like this already exist? And if the answer to this is “yes”, how can we improve it or make it more useful? We like to think outside the box. We don’t want to be the copy of other fashion brands. That’s why we made it our goal to design new fashion items that haven’t been produced before either by using different materials, pattern or making other little details stand out.

The means of our business model is to design and produce sustainable long living children’s fashion. That’s why our patterns and designs have, of course, to be as timeless as they can be. They include sporty but modern-chic classic pieces. Our designs combine function and only pursues the goal of increasing the service life of each fashion item we produce.

Labelling and packaging

Material and production

Logistics, shipping and distribution

Sustainable consumption

Preparation, repair and disposal

Care and maintenance

Infrastructure and Showroom