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Introducing: The Manitober endorsement program.

Superparents are you: parents who engage with their kids, their environment and everything that comes with it in a progressive and sustainable way. If you see yourself in this group of people, apply to our program through the form below and get access to:

    - Product endorsements and samples for testing

      - invitations for events

      - mentions through our social media channels

      As Superparents, you sign up for promoting our brand within your surroundings and dress your children with our clothes. We also expect to receive a bunch of photos from that to throw into our social media channels. The exact terms of cooperation will be discussed in person then.
      Your application should contain:

      - A short profile of you, what you do and why we should sponsor you for it. Don’t forget to describe your impulse, reasons and aims you are doing it for.

      - Number and age of your children

      - Link to your social media accounts or blogs

        Good Luck!

        Contact us