Kids Woven striped Top (organic cotton)

Colour: White/Blue Striped

Delivery date: 3-4 working days

Loose tank top with flaglabel at sideseam, with piping at armhole and collar as well as an identical front- and backside cut.

The striped fabric was rescued from us as it is a leftover from older productions. The cotton from used for piece has no organic certification but by using this leftover material we prevent new production and same emissions, that would have been released in the process of disposure.

If you return this article after wearing, you can get up to 12,50 € back as a voucher! Check here for more information 

100% organic cotton - Made in Portugal

Plastic free packaging - Climate-neutral shipment

Size 74/80 86/92 98/104 110/116 122/128 134/140 146/152
Chest Width 25 28 31 34 37 40 43
Total Lenght 31 35 39 43 47 51 55

 in cm

Manitober Size Graphic

    - Rescued fabrics save ressources and avoid disposal
    - Limited stock

      Sometimes we roam our suppliers' warehouse and look for rolls of fabric that are left over. This happens from time to time and mostly these materials are just waiting to be disposed. To prevent this waste of resources, we save these fabrics and make new things out of them. For this reason, the material may not have ecological certification AND is only available to a limited extent.

      Please note the respective washing recommendations on the care labels!

      Ricardo José Ferreira Da Costa

      Ricardo, the boss of this company is an old friend of our other factory's owner in Barcelos. They have been working together for quite a while and share the same values and ideas. Fun Fact: The factory is located just next to another factory I was working with 10 years ago. Portugal is a village, too! 

      Besides your compulsory right of return within the scope of the statutory provisions and our 24 months- guarantee (12 months for refurbished items) from defects on materials and workmanship, we also have a “lifelong rebuy-policy” on all of our manufactured fashion items. And it’s easy as that:

      Download the form here, fill it out and send or bring it with your items you wish to return. We will then check it regarding its condition and provide you with a voucher.

      Various criteria will determine the amount on your voucher:



      % of original purchase price


      Unworn, clean articles with original product hang tag and packaging



      Worn items in mint condition. Normal wear and tear, light soiling (<3mm diameters per stain) and in no need of repair



      Worn items in need of repair, Show severe wear and/or heavy soiling



      Rejects: Items beyond repair; wear and soiling beyond measure



      Please note: You have the right to reject our offer if you’re not happy with our determined choice on the condition of your returned items. (No hard feelings!) In case of rejection we simply send back your returned item(s) without shipping charges. Use this list for guidance in case you forgot your products worth or if it was given to you as a present. Always compare the article number (you can find it in the care label) to avoid ambiguities. You can also use this list when you rather think of selling your clothes on eBay or on the flea markets.

      And yeah.. no mistake being made. Even in the case of totally worn and torn out items you still receive at least 5% of the original purchased price, just because.. Whoop whoop!


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